Challenging, Exciting, and Addictive!

No, it is not another video game that will make you a zombie, not another lame novelty item that will end up in a trash bag. Nope, it doesn't cost you hundreds of dollars to start and it won't nickel-and-dime you to death by making you buy more and more.

Best of all, you can play it anywhere: you can carry it in your pocket and you don't need to plug it into anything. Sorry, guys. Even girls can play it.

Koreans have been playing it for many years, but unlike their world-famous martial art, Taekwondo, they have never tried to popularize it outside their country, perhaps because it is very addictive.



Hwatu is the name for the Korean playing cards. It literally means battle of flowers because the drawings on the cards include many flowers: pine, cherry blossom, wisteria, chrysanthemum, iris, peony, maple, willow, and so on. Hwatu looks totally different from the poker cards. More than anything, it is very colorful and the drawings are very interesting. Hwatu is more aesthetic than the poker cards. Naturally, Hwatu games are visual pattern-oriented, not hard number-oriented. If you like visual games, this is it. Recognize the visual patterns.

Hwatu consists of 48 primary cards plus a few bonus cards. The primary cards are further divided into 12 months. Each month has a unique symbol. For example, all the May cards share iris flowers, all the October cards share maple trees, and all the December cards share rain. There are no Korean letters on the cards, so anybody can play Hwatu, even children who can't read.

Hwatu is easy to learn. The internet is full of information on what you can do with Hwatu. Go-Stop is probably the most famous Hwatu game. Just search the Internet for Hwatu. Even YouTube is full of Hwatu videos.


Dragon Hwatu

All the images you see on this page are Dragon Hwatu images. The traditional Korean Hwatu doesn't have exactly the same images. Go to the following web sites for the traditional Hwatu images: Hanafuda, Flower Cards, and Hwatu. Dragon Hwatu is a premium designer Hwatu. The difference is night and day. Dragon Hwatu totally broke new ground in the Korean card games when it first came out. In fact, it quickly became a collector's item.

Dragon Hwatu is a quantum leap for the Korean playing cards. In addition to the pretty faces, it has a number of useful features that no other Hwatus have. First of all, Dragon Hwatu is bigger (40mm x 66mm or 1.6" x 2.6"), so it is easier to handle.

Another useful feature is the clearly colored-ribbon cards without the confusing Korean letters. This is a great feature for non-Korean players. Another revolutionary feature is the months printed on the cards. All those numbers in the upper left-hand corner are the months associated with the cards. Memorizing the months is the major stumbling block to playing the games for the new players. Not any more with Dragon Hwatu! Along with the months, the Flash and Ribbon symbols are printed in the upper left-hand corner. Why? To protect you from revealing too much information. You don't have to expose all your cards to see what you have. In many games, those Flash and Ribbon cards are valuable assets, which you may want to hide from the other players. Smooth edges and corners are another practical feature of Dragon Hwatu. The traditional Hwatu has 90-degree sharp corners, which occasionally hurt the players.

Another great feature for the new players is the new green Ribbon cards. The new color replaces the traditional red color, which confuses the new players because there is another set of red Ribbon cards. No more confusion! Even the bonus cards, which are neglected or overlooked by the traditional Hwatu, were redesigned so that they can be used to add more excitement to the games.

Want more excitement? Another Dragon Hwatu's exclusive feature is the DIY (do-it-yourself) cards. Create your own rules. Make your game more challenging or exciting! What you can do with Dragon Hwatu is only limited by your imagination.

Another great exclusive feature for non-Korean players is simple English words printed on the cards. Use them in any way you want. Have fun with them.

Dragon Hwatu is truly one of a kind. Most features are copyrighted, which means no other company can make the same Hwatu. But the price is not for the company name but the quality you can see and feel. Every detail was paid attention to in the making of Dragon Hwatu. The cards are made from PVC and coated with anti-glare film. The colors are vivid. Even the back is embossed with a unique design pattern. Dragon Hwatu comes in an acrylic plastic case wrapped in a cushioning sheet. It is ready to be given as a special gift.

More Surprises…

Double your pleasure, double your fun! We have two sets of Dragon Hwatu: one is Original and the other is Stylish.

Do you need to see more photos of Dragon Hwatu before you get your hand on one or both? Here is the Picasa photo album. Click either image below for a close-up.

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